Why should I use Amoona Studio?

For our blog post on this matter, check out our downloadable PDF.

How long does the printing & shipping process take?

Most printing takes about 4-5 business days to complete after placing an order. Customers from GTA & KW areas can expect to receive delivery within a week of placing an order.

If you happen to be somewhat remote, delivery may take longer. Feel free to contact us beforehand to get a quote on costs and timing.

What is the shipping & delivery process and cost like? Are tracking numbers involved?

Products are delivered via express parcel, by our employees directly, or are available for local pickup at our office. You choose!

We offer affordable flat rate for shipping, starting from $6 for small items and $12 for bulk items. Shipping costs will be applied at checkout. No shipping cost for local pickup.

How does Amoona Studio accept payment? Is it possible to get my money back?

All transactions on our website use Stripe Payment.

Products (non-customized) returned within 7 days and without any damage can be refunded. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs if returning a product.

Customized print services have no resale value, so a refund is not possible, but if the printing materials have a problem caused by us or by the printing process, we can reprint it for you.

Is it possible to order a quantity other than available on the website? Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes. On the left hand side of each product page is a form which you can fill out for custom orders. We will respond to you promptly.

We sell our print products in bulk, which restricts our minimum quantities to a degree. Please contact us for more details.

What are the options and costs associated with templates?

All templates from Envato markets will be implemented by our designers. Customers will receive a ready-to-print PDF for each design. Free templates from other third part source are subjected to its own copywrite policy. Customers may choose to implement by themselves or hire one of our designers.

The costs for Envato Element templates are:

  • Under two pages (One side or two sides), the implementation cost is $40.
  • More than two pages: $40 for the first two pages, extra pages cost $15/page.


  1. To use templates from Envato elements, first visit their website.envato-1
  2. Then, choose “Graphic Template” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Browse or search templates
  4. Copy the url of the desired template and paste the url in the textbox before uploading files at the product page. Or, include the url in a .doc file along with other content.

What should I be aware of when uploading or creating a design?

Design rules, colour variance, file format and preparation instructions, and the meaning of descriptors.

As a rule, you cannot use more than one design for one individual order. For example: If you have two separate business card designs for two employees, and want to print 500 for each, you will have to add them to the cart separately. You cannot select 1000 cards and upload two design files.

Colour variance between the product on your screen and the product in your hand exists because the colour displayed on screen might be different from the actual print product. To have the least colour variation, you may calibrate your monitor or use a colour bridge. Why Colour Looks Different on a Computer Screen Versus Printed

When it comes to uploading and preparing your file, we’ve compiled instructions for you:

  1. Check out our online ordering help guide or read our how-to blog to ensure a more optimal print result. For further printing information, read our blog
  2. Each job (including multiple paged projects) must be submitted as a single PDF file. Ensure that all pages are the same size.
  3. Files must be submitted with proper orientation to ensure proper back up.
  4. It is best to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-centre.
  5. File must consist of 1/8″ bleed, and all important art and text must be within the safety margin.
  6. Ensure that your PDF is high res and that all images are CMYK at 300 DPI.
  7. Black type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.
  8. Embed or outline all fonts.
  9. For best colour results, supply CMYK only files.
  10. If you need help at any point during this process, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].


To understand what the descriptors on our site mean, we’ve prepared a table below:

Paper weight/thickness 14pt, 16pt, 80lb, 100lb. Pt means paper thickness. The higher numbers relate to more thickness and more weight.
Finish Matte Uncoated, non-glossy
UV Glossy
AQ Less glossy than UV, aqueous
Lamination A laminate is permanently assembled by heat, pressure, welding, or adhesives.
Linen Textured uncoated
Enviro Uncoated

What if I also want or need customized design?

For details regarding our Graphic Design workflow and options, click here.

For information regarding our Graphic Design policies, click here.

To see our Graphic Design FAQ, click here.

Will I receive proofs before printing? What happens if there’s a mistake?

All designs completed or implemented by our designers will require our customers’ proof in order to be sent for printing. Designs created or implemented by our customers or third parties hired by our customers do not require proof. It is our customers’ responsibility to make sure there is no typo errors, placement errors or any other errors of the content provided.

If there happens to be a mistake:

  • For customers who upload their own design:

Before placing an order, customers shall make sure there is no errors in the uploaded file and the content provided for implementation. All files shall meet our guideline including size, format, bleed, crop marks, etc.

  • For customers using Envato Element templates or our design service:

We will send proofs prior to printing and customers will review the final design to make sure there is no mistakes such as typo error, placement errors, etc. Errors will be corrected. If they are not, re-printing is possible.

  • The color displayed on screen might be different from the actual print product. To have the least color variation, you may calibrate your monitor or use a color bridge.

Why Color Looks Different on a Computer Screen Versus Printed

What are the steps for each design project?

Please visit our Graphic Design page for more details.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

For projects over $1000, a 50% deposit is required. For projects under $1000, full payment is required. For more information, see our Graphic Design policy.

Do I need to sign a contract?

All graphic design projects and web design projects require signage of a contract. Implementation using a template for printing doesn’t require signage of a contract.

How long do projects take to deliver/complete?

Each design project is different. Please consult with our designer for more details.

What if I want to make changes after seeing the design?

Simple changes are free of charge, however, changes that require more time will be charged depending on the workload. Please consult with our designers for more details and read the contract before signing.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

For projects over $1000, a 50% deposit is required. For projects under $1000, full payment is required. For more information, see our Web Design policy.

Do I need to sign a contract?

All graphic design projects and web design projects require signage of a contract.

How long do projects take to deliver/complete?

Each design project is different. Please consult with our designer for more details.

Do I need maintenance service for my website?

We will provide each customer basic training on how to manage and maintain their website after delivery, plus each plan comes with varying times of support after project completion. Customers can also sign up for a maintenance plan with us if needed.

Do you provide domain names and hosting?

We don’t provide domain names and hosting. You will need to register and purchase your own domain name and hosting. If you are not sure which hosting company to choose, please contact us. GoDaddy is one of many good choices out there.

How do reward points work?

The reward program works in a fairly straightforward way: for every dollar you spend, you will earn 1 point, and for every 100 points, you can redeem 1 dollar.

It’s a small percent, but it can be added to our corporate package and affiliate program, and the effect can stack. As well, when purchasing large orders, the points will accumulate quickly, and you can also collect points by ordering for your customers.

What if I want to use more than one service from Amoona?

We offer packages which can save you time and money by organizing all pertinent content into 3 tiers. Each tier has a higher level of web design, more graphic design work, and more printed products. To read our blog post on this subject, click here. To read our policies on this matter, click here.

Are there any rewards if I order a lot? Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, and yes. We call it Corporate Pricing because corporations suggest larger companies, and our rewards are for larger purchase amounts. If you spend between $2000-$4999 annually, you will receive 5% off future and past purchases. If you spend more than $5000 annually, you will receive 10% off on future and past purchases.

For more information on this, read our blog post here, and check out our policy section here.

How do you compare to the competition in terms of price?

Our pricing tends to be lower than other print-shops and designers. However, we may be more expensive than some companies, usually for the reason that we tend to put more effort, hours, and personalized detail into our work.

If you think that our prices are too high than what you’re looking for, feel free to shop around. We’ll be right here should you change your mind. 🙂

Is there anything else Amoona offers?

Yes! We also offer animation services, a tutor program, and are working on manufacturing a light table designed for student animators.

What sort of animation service does Amoona provide?

We create animated short films for individual or companies. Prices will be based on the complexity of each project. We also offer outsourced services overseas.

What does the tutor program entail?

What we want to do is provide a learning opportunity for immigrants and less privileged individuals who are looking to start their own business or perform freelance work. We’ve created a tutor program for this very purpose, and we wanted to contact you about it.

We will provide personalized teaching to those in the program as they learn how to use Weebly, Wix, and other web design programs. As well, included in the price is a graphic design and printing service for customized business cards. We believe the combination of these services will help entrepreneurs and self-starters get up and running in a professional manner.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more.

Why is the company named Amoona?

It came to mind when thinking of mythologies. Amoona sounds very peaceful, is symmetrical, and is short enough to be memorable.

My main inspiration was Sumerian mythology.

How long has the business been operating?

We technically opened in 2017, working out of home, but took a hiatus shortly after. We officially moved in to our first office in May 2019 and began ramping up from there.

What are your hours? When are you open?

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

How can I contact Amoona Studio?

You can reach us in several different ways.

Our phone number is (226) 336-9933. Feel free to call!

You can also email us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As well, we can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Please feel free to check out our profile and connect!

If your questions are not listed, please fill out the form below or contact us at (226) 336-7996.

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